Barranquilla, Colombia

June 5th ‐ 7th, 2019



Programa Final- IEEE Colcom-ColCACI 2019



Track 1: Image and Artificial Vision

18 Entropy and PCA Analysis for Environments Associated to Q-Learning for Path Finding Manuel García-Quijada, Efrén Gorrostieta-Hurtado, Emilio Vargas-Soto and Manuel Toledano-Ayala
33 Video processing inside embedded devices using SSD-Mobilenet to count mobility actors Andrés Heredia and Gabriel Barros-Gavilanes
39 Low-Cost Optical architecture Based on RGB and Single Pixel Measurements Aiming to UAV Applications Arnold Guarin Ramirez, Homero Ortega Boada and Hans Garcia Arenas
30 Framework comparison of neural networks for the detection, classification and automated counting of vehicles and pedestrians in public space Gabriel Barros, Luis Rodrigo Barba Guamán, Nancy Loja Mora, Galo Lalangui, Jorge Cordero, Omar Ruiz, Andres Heredia, Fátima Farías, Jessica Guerrero and Wilmer Rivas
31 A fast multi-object tracking system using an object detector ensemble Richard Cobos, Jefferson Hernandez and Andres G. Abad

Track 2: Neural Networks

29 Detecting a predefined solar spot group with a pretrained convolutional neural network Thiago Camargo, Denise Pechebovicz, Sthefanie Premebida, Vinicios Soares, Virginia Baroncini, Hugo Siqueira, Diego Oliva and Marcella Martins
43 Modeling and Control of a Two Tank System Using Artificial Neural Networks Sergio Alejandro Cantillo Luna, Jhon Jaime Lara López and Jesús Alfonso López Sotelo
54 Clasification of proliferative diabetic retinopathy using deep learning Rafael Ortiz, Saúl Tovar, Juan Ramos and Efrén Gorrostieta
38 Dimensionality Reduction Applied to Time Response of Linear Systems Using Autoencoders Jose Paniagua and Jesus Lopez
10 A Feature Extraction Method Based on Convolutional Autoencoder for Plant Leaves Classification Mery Paco Ramos, Vanessa Paco Ramos, Arnold Loaiza Fabian and Erbert Osco Mamani

Track 3: Fuzzy Systems and Clustering

7 Classification of satellite images using Rp fuzzy c means for unsupervised classification algorithm Luis Jose Mantilla Santa Cruz
15 Sweet citrus fruit detection in thermal images using fuzzy image processing Ingrid Lorena Argote Pedraza, John Faber Archila-Diaz, Renan Moreira Pinto, Marcelo Becker and Mario Luiz Tronco
49 Fuzzy Classification of Industrial Data Emphasized in Information Pre-processing Carlos Mario Sanchez Molina and Henry O. Sarmiento M.
45 Simulation-based fuzzy PERT problems Juan Carlos Figueroa-García and Jhoan Sebastian Tenjo García
51 Social impact assessment using the grey clustering method: A case study on a mining project Alexi Delgado and Hipólito Reyes

Track 4: Classification and Prediction

6 Decoding elbow movement with Kalman Filter using non-invasive EEG Elkin Yesid Veslin Díaz, Max Suell Dutra, Luiz Bevilacqua, Luciano Raptopoulos, Waltencir Andrade and Juliana Soares
16 Comparing SVM and SSD for classification of vehicles and pedestrians for edge computing Andrés Heredia and Gabriel Barros-Gavilanes
25 Automatic classification of event logs sequences for failure detection in WfM/BPM systems Johnnatan Jaramillo and Julián Arias
22 Prediction of diabetic patient readmission using machine learning Juan Camilo Ramírez and David Herrera
55 Clasification of diabetic retinopathy based hard exudates patterns, using images processing and SVM María Fernanda Cisneros Guzmán, Saúl Tovar-Arriaga, Jesús Carlos Pedraza Ortega and Arturo González Gutierrez

Track 5: Evolutionary Algorithms and Agents

8 Building Intelligent Indicators to Detect Dengue Epidemics in Brazil using Social Networks Josimar Chire, Thábata Amaral and Jadson Monteiro
17 Multiobjective genetic algorithm for the optimization of the THD and the RMS output voltage in a multilevel converter with 17 levels of line voltage Luis David Pabón Fernández, Jorge Luis Diaz Rodriguez and Edison Andres Caicedo Peñaranda
32 Proposal of an address allocation protocol in ad hoc networks based on a pollen dispersion algorithm Giuseppe Roa Osorio, Joaquin Sanchez Cifuentes, Jorge Ortiz Triviño and Juan Pablo Ospina Lopez
42 Integration of an adaptive cellular automaton and a cellular neural network for the impulsive noise suppression and edge detection in digital images Danilo Gustavo Gil Sierra, Karen Vanessa Angulo Sogamoso and Helbert Eduardo Espitia Cuchango
9 FP-AK-QIEA-R on the Knapsack problem Josimar Chire and Rel Guzman Apaza

Track 6: Other CI Applications

47 Evaluating Features Selection on NSL-KDDData-Set to Train a Support Vector Machine-BasedInstruction Detection System Juan Carlos Martinez Santos and Luis Alvarez Almeida
28 Influence of Locomotion Experience for Distance Estimation in Infants: A Computational Model Liz Jaramillo, Adrián Vélez and Jaime Arango
37 DCGAN Model Used To Generate Body Gestures On a Human-Humanoid Interaction System Francisco Javier González López, Andres Peres Uribe, Héctor Fabio Satizábal Mejia and Jesús Alfonso López Sotelo
34 Optimal Allocation of Public Charging Stations based on Traffic Density in Smart Cities Miguel Ángel Campaña Molina and Esteban Mauricio Inga Ortega
56 Data Visualization in Dashboards through Virtual Try-on Technology in Fashion Industry Agusto Sánchez-Ferrer, Henry Pérez-Mendoza and Pedro Nelson Shiguihara Juárez


Papers presented in COLCOM tracks

Track 4 – COLCOM

5 Time Series forecasting using recurrent neural networks modified by bayesian inference in the learning process Cristian Rodriguez Rivero, Julian Pucheta and Alvaro Orjuela-Cañón


Track 6 – COLCOM

46 A Biomechanical Analysis of Free Squat Exercise Employing Self-Organizing Maps Cristian Felipe Blanco Díaz, Angie Katerine Quitian González, Sebastián Jaramillo Isaza and Alvaro David Orjuela-Cañón